Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I'm exhausted because a lot of works have finished at once:-/.
I will go to the next step in my own time.
In the mean time, I will enjoy the summer;>.


  1. This drawing is adorable, I love the water melon, it seems to tender.

    I hope you will get some relaxing time now and enjoy the summer. :)
    Tonight I will write you this list I told you about.

    <3 <3,
    Today I was in a Japanese coffee I had a greentea ice cream, it was so tasty. I would have like so much to be with you.

    Did the package already arrived ?

  2. Bonjour Johanna>
    Hi, Johanna!
    Thanks for the compliment.
    I glad to hear it.
    I love the water melon, too:>.

    I get relaxing time now, thank you<3.

    I got your mail this morning.
    Thank you for plenty of information, Johanna<3.
    I'm happy!

    I always appreciate your kindness!

    I haven't got the package you sent yet, but maybe I can get it soon.

    I'm looking forward to it<3<3<3.