Saturday, August 13, 2011




I went to grandma's place in my native Hiroshima.

Tokyo where I am living in now is different from my hometown.
But, hometown have always important thing in the back of my mind.
There have been lots that is an integral part of my life.


  1. All those picture are relaxing! Thank you for sharing.
    I was happy for you to read you visit your grandmother's place, as I'm myself so happy when I visit my grand parents.

    And thank you so much for the comment about my package. You know being friend with you & exchanging together also makes me feel happy :)

    I will write back to your mail after my family will return to France. <3

  2. Johanna>


    Yes, I spent free time away from the city, and I have filled with a feeling of relaxation:-)...

    Oh, all your packages are pretty excellent!
    Those have a distinct design, so it symbolize your good sense of color. So nice!

    I'll be looking forward to receiving your e-mail about vacations in France.
    Have fun!